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A degree in public affairs & social science can prepare you for a range of career opportunities in the public, non-profit, and private sector. If studying political science, history, government, and communication sound interesting to you, then you will want to check out what programs our schools have to offer. Hone in your critical thinking skills, learn about interesting historical events and their causes, study government regulations, and engage with social and political problem-solving. Graduates from these programs can find themselves working for their local or national government branches, helping their communities by leading non-profit organizations, or even teaching and inspiring others in schools. Learn about earning a degree in public affairs and social sciences today.

Study Areas

  • Anthropology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Economics
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Gerontology
  • Human Services
  • Non-Profit Administration
  • Political Science
  • Public Administration & Policy
  • Social Work
  • Sociology

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